Friday, October 11, 2013


The last couple of weeks we have had some fun with scribbles.

'Scribbles' makes it sound like it was random, with no purpose and thoughtless.  I assure you, both of our projects we none of those things!

1.  Our first project was a good thinking challenge and a challenge to some for coloring in the lines.  First, we made a big, swirling scribble on our page.  Then, we each picked three colors.  The rules for this project was you color in each shape made by our scribble but you cannot have the same color touching.  It was a little tricky, but some of them turned out so beautiful!

2.  The second scribble project was more of a game to review the concepts of line and shape.  I had the kids tell me types of lines and shapes that we had identified and I wrote them each down on a little paper.  Then, we took turns drawing one of the papers out and everyone had to put that line or shape on their paper.  They could choose the color and the size, but the line or shape had to be the same.  It was fun to see how everyone's paper turned out so differently.
After we had all had a turn to draw a paper out I had them try to turn their paper full of lines and shapes into an African Jungle.  It was fun to hear them say:  "this line is a snake!"  "I am making this into an elephant!"  they were really getting the idea that every object in art starts simply.

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