Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today was a great day.  The kids were good, even my baby.

Today we:

practiced spelling
did a math match up game
sang the national anthem
introduced Europe and found it on a map
learned that in Europe there are castles, queens and kings
Read a book with a king in it (The Most Wonderful Egg)
sang Los Pollitos (our eggs have hatched. . .)
practiced writing our numbers
counted to 100
counted to 100 by tens
colored a map of Europe and wrote "This is Europe"
Played 'memory' with our challenge words in pairs (each pair has their own set)
ate a most delicious snack of chili, cheese and apples mmmmmmm!
Read a book about castles
Did some alphabet yoga
read a book about money counting (The Penny Pot)
practiced 'silent e' rules
started a worksheet identifying silent e (long vowel) words and short vowel words
Listened to Brahms "Hungarian Dance"  and danced to it.  We all laughed that a country in Europe could be called 'Hungary"!  We know how to say hungry in Spanish.  It is in our Los Pollitos song!
Sang a wiggly song
Practiced flashcard words

Phew!  No wonder Miss Meg is exhausted!

See you tomorrow!

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