Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday, Sept. 4 2013

Today we ran out of time!  We did not have time to make our own islands so we will have to do that on Friday as part of our Lei Day!

We did some good practice on writing 'leis' (which are really just ovals, zeros or letter O).  It is so important that kids learn to write letters the right way.  Start at the top.  Circles first, go in counter-clockwise direction.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:  Please have your child practice writing circles, zeros (review with them what zero means) and letter O's (start at the top, say the sound!)

** please help them hold the pencil/crayon the right way.  Pinch between thumb and pointer with middle and ring tucked under pencil like a pillow.

We had a great time playing island hop with a letter review.  Some of the kids would do a great job with the same game with sight words.
Write one word on each piece of paper, then lay them around the world.  Put on some island jams and walk around the paper islands.  Don't fall in the water.  When the music stops, mom pulls a word (same words as the islands) out of the cup and you see if you are on that island.  You can alter the game by having the child take out the island word (or letter) that was pulled from the cup.  It makes island hopping a lot harder with less islands to hop to!

Sight words to review:  See, I, Up, It, Me
Letters to review:  Hh, Mm, Tt, Aa, Oo, Vv, Rr, Ff, Ee

We learned today that the whole earth used to be an island named Pangea.  I gave each child a cup of yogurt with a piece of crunchy granola on top.  They cracked it with a spoon and watched the pieces separate. . .just like our continents.  We looked at different maps of the world and observed how the pieces do look like they should fit together like a puzzle.  We talked about what is really down, deep down, under the ground and how that makes the land, or continents, float around.  Who knew the earth started out as an island. . .

Next time:  Lei Day!

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