Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Island Fever

This Friday is Lei Day!

Lei Day is usually May 1 in Hawaii, but our kids don't know that!  We are talking about parts of the earth, how the earth looked in the beginning (one big island) and Islands!  For lei day each child should come to school with a lei that they helped make.  It can be made of straws and paper, noodles, fruit loops, flowers (real or fake) or anything.  Be creative!  It is fun to look up "elementary school lei day hawaii" on youtube and watch some of the things the kids do in Hawaii.  

Please send your child with a lei (that they helped with) and have them ready for a fun hukilau, hawaiian style songs, dances, games and stories. 

Today, we will be making our own islands.  Have you every read Marie-Louise Gay's book On My Island?  It is a fun book about a gril and her imaginary world.  We get to make our own today.  We will also do a science demonstration about plate tectonics!  We won't call it taht, but we will see how the continents moved.  

After school today, ask your child:

How do you play 'island hop'?
What is an island?
What are the blue parts on a map?
What letters are in MAP?
What is a hukilau?
What kind of things do you hear if you listen on an island?

Hope you had a great weekend!  I had a fun family hike (complete with my dad making a daring rescue of a stranger), a BBQ and way way waaaaaay too much food!  My kind of holiday!

See you today!
Other books we are reading this week:
Island Boy
When I Am Quiet on Maui
The Little Island
Island of the Blue Dolphins (just kidding.  I love that book. . .if only we had the time. . .)

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