Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November News

Today in preschool we started our big body project.  Technically, we started in November with our x-ray hands, but we traced the body today.

We reviewed our sight words:







And our letters.  We are getting quite good at out letters and loved singing "Little h, Little h fly through my window, find molasses candy. . ."  it was fun to plug in the letters instead of birds!  The kids love that song.   It may, or may not be because I let them have a molasses candy when we sing it (one chocolate chip).  Sugar is usually contraband at our preschool, so, a whole chocolate chip?  WATCH ME SING!!!

We also started our 'Thankful Trees' today.  I introduced gratitude by reading my favorite Thanksgiving book Thankful Together by Holly Davis.  It is a darling, rhyming book that teaches thankfulness for daily things and giving thanks to God for those things.

I drew a tree trunk and branches on a piece of fall-colored cardstock and had the kids put thumb prints (thankful thumbs. . .t and h make a special sound. .. never too early to introduce it!)  and then I wrote something they are thankful for on the print.  Each day we will do two or three and fill up our thankful trees.    I love hearing the sweet things that these kids come up with that they are thankful for.

A few from today:

hot dogs
my garden

All on their own!

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