Monday, August 26, 2013

A New Year

The first day is always exciting, hard, scary, fun, silly and every other emotion you can think of.  I think this was the easiest first day of school yet!  The kids were great and I felt great and everything was. . .great!

We found out about the jobs we do at preschool and made name clips to put on the job chart.  We ate a yummy snack. . .the beans were a huge success. . .and played, painted, sang and read.

Today we read the book "The Dot"by Peter H. Reynolds.  In this book a little girl, Vashti, doesn't like art class because she thinks she can't draw.  Thanks to the creativity and patience of her teacher she learns that even the smallest effort can lead you to find a hidden talent and love.

We talked about how trying new things is hard, especially when we don't feel like we are good at them.    We talked about why Vashti felt mad at the beginning and why she felt happy and wanted to help someone at the end of the book.  We noted that all of her dots were circles and we learned the Spanish word for circle "circulo".  Then, we painted our own dots. . .and, of course, signed them.   Sharing paints at the table, practicing making circles the right way (always counterclockwise), literacy, art and more all from one book.  Thanks, Mr. Reynold!

Netflix has an animated (from pics from the book) version of this book.  The words in the movie are the exact text from the book.  It is darling.  If you have Netflix and want a little review of what we did today, check it out.  It is part of a Scholastic One of a Kind Critters collection.  It is only a few minutes long.

I am curious to hear what your kids thought of the first day!  Leave a comment if you have time.
Love, Miss Meg


  1. Jack said that he had a great time! I was also impressed that he ate all of his snack. He does not try anything new at home when it is given to him. Thanks!

  2. Lyla loved the book you read! She told me all about it (after she stopped sobbing). Thanks for your patience, I think she'll adjust quickly!