Monday, November 21, 2011

Beans About It

Count 'em, add 'em, subtract 'em, graph 'em, eat 'em.  Beans are good no matter what you do with 'em.

Us? We did all those things with beans, plus made a mosaic out of them. A mosaic of something we are thankful for.
Me? I am just thankful for beans.

I showed the kids a mosaic my brother had brought back from Chile. It was made from minerals and had a key on the top telling which minerals were which. It was of a llama. The kids were only mildly impressed. I thought it would be great to tie in our South American studies and add our own Thanksgiving twist. We made our mosaics not out of South American minerals, but Native American seeds, nuts and beans. Okay, it was a stretch, but the kids seem to really enjoy the bean gluing part. They liked the graphing, too.

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  1. Meg! I just love you! Thanks so much for teaching Claire. We are so blessed to have you. She asked me the other day... mom is that fog? (looking at low clouds over the mountains) I was taken back because I have never talked about fog before. Little did I know that she had learned all about it at preschool! Again, THANK YOU!!!!!